10 edible flowers to grow և try this summer

10 edible flowers to grow և try this summer

They not only decorate the garden, but also can diversify the usual diet and make the dishes more impressive.

Olesya Knyazya

May 26, 2022 17:21:

Flowers on a plate

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Garden flowers are usually nothing more than a decorative element for a summer house. But professional cooks know that many of the plants we are used to admiring are not only edible but also delicious.

These flowers can be grown without much difficulty, but the dishes with them will leave an incredible impression on the guests.


The inflorescences have a light mint taste, so they are often used by confectioners. They make candy and decorate it with cookies. But they are also quite appropriate in spicy appetizing foods. For example, flowers are often added to vegetable salads. It looks so aesthetically pleasing that it’s even a pity.

Hyssop anise

This herb with high elongated purple inflorescences is used as a spice, it reveals the taste of meat dishes no worse than rosemary. In addition, hyssop goes well with cottage cheese.


Bright orange blossoms grow in almost every cabin, but few use them in cooking. But in vain. Nasturtium has a sharp taste, it is ground for sauces, dried, added to meat and fish.

Cocktails are sometimes painted with flower petals. they give the drink a nice orange hue.


Daytime lily

The plant, often confused with the lily, is considered to be the real star of Eastern cuisine. It is true that not all types of food can be used daily. usually this information is written on the packaging of the seeds.

If you are lucky enough to find the right kind of flower, try the original Chinese dish.

pumpkin flowers

All plants in the pumpkin family have edible flowers and are used in the cuisines of many countries. The most popular recipe – inflorescences stuffed with soft cheese և fried dough.


Dandelion wine is known to everyone thanks to Ray Bradbury. But flowers can also be used in other dishes. For example, I often add them to salads, I make candy and jam. To avoid bitterness, soak the flowers in cold water for several hours before cooking.


Another bright flower that is loved by Russian gardeners. It can be an excellent substitute for expensive saffron. Calendula has a spicy aroma, brings out the taste of fish, meat and vegetables. Therefore, flowers are often added to soups, salads, meat pots.


It is true that it is only about the chrysanthemum of the plant variety, Shungiku. This flower is worshiped in Japan. It is decorated with glass cups, and the petals are separated from the inflorescences, fried and served with vanilla ice cream.

Begonia (fragrant geranium)

This bright pink flower is the perfect addition to desserts. It has a delicate citrus aroma։ taste. Desserts are decorated with petals, milk or alcoholic cocktails insist on them. Geraniums are often frozen in ice cubes. They look great in cocktails.


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