Chivas de Guadalajara Bans Supporters’ Groups

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The dust is starting to settle after the Clásico Tapatío riot. The sanctions have been handed out by the league. And Chivas de Guadalajara is going a step further.

Liga MX banned the sale of tickets to any Chivas supporters’ groups, both at home in the Estadio Omnilife or at any away game. That ban on Chivas’s supporters’ groups goes into effect for this Sunday’s SuperClásico against Club América.

But even more than that, Chivas’s president Jorge Vergara has declared his intention to ban all of Chivas’s supporter’s groups permanently.

Loosely translated, his statement reads: “The ‘barra bravas’ will be removed one hundred percent, and obviously I think that’s the only way to shelve this whole issue of violence.”

He goes on to say that, “First of all, there’s not going to be anything other than seated areas … they won’t be able to run up and down like we have them doing now.”

The installation of seats in the terraced areas that had belonged to the barras began this Tuesday, which highlights how committed Vergara is to getting rid of standing – and of the supporters’ groups. The question now is: will other teams follow Chivas’s lead?

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