Voit Aspid Gets Makeover for Cancer Awareness

voit cancerOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Liga MX has supported the pink ribbon campaign for the last eight years. The nets are dyed pink; players wear pink ribbons on their jerseys; the captains wear pink armbands; many goalkeepers wear pink gloves; signs with the “Mes Rosa” [Pink Month] logo and a slogan encouraging breast self-exams are displayed next to each goal.

This year, the league is combining the traditional pink campaign with a blue one to support prostate cancer awareness.

Beginning in Jornada 11 (September 30 – October 2) and continuing through Jornada 14 (October 24 – 26), Liga MX will use a Voit Aspid ball with a blue-and-pink color scheme; opposing captains will wear armbands in those colors, one blue and the other pink; and for the first time, the referee uniforms will also reflect the campaign’s colors.

In addition, the league will carry out an information campaign during the games, as well as encouraging self-exams for breast cancer and blood tests to screen for prostate cancer.

4 thoughts on “Voit Aspid Gets Makeover for Cancer Awareness

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    1. Alex Post author

      Hi Joseph, it was probably on sale back in October, but the only editions I can currently find up for sale are the official blue-and-white one and the neon winter edition that’s being used in the Clausura. If you’re looking for this color scheme particularly, you might have to try somewhere like eBay.


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