Voit Introduces New Ball for Playoffs

The Voit Aspid, the official match ball of Liga MX, will have a new design and color scheme for both the Liga MX playoffs and the final of the Liga de Ascenso.

The ball, with a green and red color scheme and pre-Columbian design elements, is officially known as the “Aspid Limpiemos Neustro México”.

With the “Clean Up Our Mexico” slogan, the ball is intended to raise ecological and environmental awareness and encourage the reduction of littering.

This is the 7th edition of the “Clean Up Our Mexico” campaign, with Liga MX president Decio de María emphasizing the anti-littering slogan, “Put trash in its place”, that is at the heart of the campaign.

The ball will be used throughout the Liga MX Liguilla, which is set to run from May 13th through May 31st, as well as the second leg of the Liga de Ascenso final on May 9th.

2 thoughts on “Voit Introduces New Ball for Playoffs

    1. Alex Post author

      Amazon usually has a good selection of Voits. They currently have the regular blue-and-white one, the neon one used in the Clausura, and the red one from the April exercise awareness campaign – I didn’t see this one, but I expect they will have it soon.

      Another possibility would be eBay, or, if you have any soccer stores near you, you can see if they can special order one for you. Even a general sporting goods store might be able to get you one.


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