Apertura 2015 Copa MX Review: Group 6 Game 5

copa corona mxLeones Negros 2-0 Murciélagos
Leones Negros earned their first victory of the competition with a 2-0 win over Murciélagos. The loss complicates Murciélagos’ hopes of reaching the knockout rounds, while restoring a little bit of pride to the already-eliminated Leones.

Jonathan Quintero opened the scoring in the 30th minute after he headed home a cross from Nahosi Lugo. Murciélagos threw everything forward in search of an equalizer, but they were unable to capitalize on their opportunities, with Leones Negros enjoying narrow escapes time and again. In stoppage time, Leones launched a deadly counterattack, with Adrián Villalobos making it 2-0 and putting the game to bed.

With the 2-0 win, Leones reach four points while Murciélagos remain on seven.

Dorados de Sinaloa 1-0 Atlas
Dorados de Sinaloa surprised group-leading Atlas with a 1-0 win. Although the loss wasn’t enough to knock the Rojinegros out of first, Dorados now has the chance to claim first place in the group and with it, a guaranteed spot in the next round.

The lone goal of the game came from a very pretty bit of play in the 69th minute. Roberto Nurse nodded the ball on for Raúl Enríquez, who took it on the volley to give Dorados the lead. That goal would turn into the winner as Atlas was unable to muster a response.

With the 1-0 win, Dorados reach 10 points while Atlas remains on 12.

Group Table – Group 6

# Team W T L GF GA GD +Pts Points
1 Atlas 3 1 1 5 2 +3 2 12
2 Dorados de Sinaloa 3 0 2 7 4 +3 1 10
3 Murciélagos 2 0 3 4 7 -3 1 7
4 Leones Negros 1 1 3 3 6 -3 0 4

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