Disciplinary Committee Opens Investigation After Darío Verón Accused of Racism

Tempers flared repeatedly in Sunday’s semifinal second leg match between Pumas UNAM and América, with Darío Verón and Carlos Darwin Quintero at the center of two heated confrontations.

In a post-game press conference, América goalkeeper Moisés Muñoz stated that racist language used by Verón against Quintero was the cause of their confrontations.

“Yesterday you were at a conference where we called for nonviolence, something that one assumes must start on the field, and which didn’t happen because Verón, as the captain on the field of a soccer team that represents higher education [UNAM, the National Autonomous University of Mexico], referred to Darwin Quintero as a monkey,” Muñoz stated.

Quintero later confirmed the incident on his Twitter account, where he posted a statement reading, in part: “[W]hen the insults come from off the field, there’s no reason to lose concentration, but when a person who is on the field does it, one can’t remain silent. I apologize for my reaction but this is intolerable.”

On Monday, the Disciplinary Committee confirmed that they have received a request for investigation from Club América, with Verón accused of “alleged discriminatory acts against Club América players Carlos Darwin Quintero and Michael Arroyo.”

Verón has been accused of using racist language before; in 2010, Felipe Baloy stated that Verón and fellow defender Marco Palacios had used racially insulting language against him during a match.

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