Miguel Herrera Can Pay Away Suspension

tijuana logoMiguel Herrera, who took over as coach of Tijuana for the Clausura 2016 season, has a pending suspension waiting from the last time he coached in Liga MX.

In his final game in charge of América before leaving for the Mexican national team, the Apertura 2013 final against León, “Piojo” Herrera was ejected and later given a two-game suspension for insulting the referees.

However, rather than sitting out his first two games with the Xolos, Herrera has the option of paying a fine and taking his place on the bench from the start of the Clausura 2016 season.

According to Article 42 of the Regulations for Sanctions, “Members of coaching staffs who have been sanctioned with fewer than 5 games of suspension, or who have fewer than 5 games of suspension pending, can, after one year has passed, cancel their suspension by making an extraordinary payment of 150 days of minimum salary for each game of suspension that is left to serve.”

That works out to 10,515 pesos per game, so paying off the suspension would cost Herrera 21,030 pesos (about $1,227 U.S.).

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