Voit Releases Official Match Ball for the Clausura 2016

Voit has rolled out a new ball for the Liga MX Clausura 2016, an “evolution” of the Dynamo that was used in the Apertura 2015 season called the Dynamo 2.0, with the tagline “Disturb the Game.”

Inspired by the speed of play, we present the new ball of @LigaBancomerMX: #Dynamo #DisturbTheGame

The ball was introduced at a press conference this afternoon featuring league president Enrique Bonilla, Voit general director Alejandro Gámez, Voit marketing director Mauricio Ramírez, and player representative Moisés Muñoz of Club América.

The ball is a step away from some of the bright colorways Voit has used in the past, with a gray-and-black geometric pattern on white, although the Voit logo itself is in an eye-catching shade of neon pink.

This is the @Voit #Dynamo 2.0, the official ball of @LigaBancomerMX for the #Clausura2016

The Dynamo 2.0 will be used in Liga MX, Ascenso MX, and the Copa MX during the Clausura 2016 season.


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