Copa América Centenario Draw and Schedule

COPA_America_Centenario_2016_emblem_fc_cmykThe four seeded teams were determined back in December, when the U.S., Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina were announced as the heads of Groups A, B, C, and D, respectively. Now the remaining 12 teams have been drawn into the groups and the dates and locations of the matches have been determined.

Group A: USA, Colombia, Costa Rica, Paraguay.
Group B: Brazil, Ecuador, Haiti, Peru.
Group C: Mexico, Uruguay, Jamaica, Venezuela.
Group D: Argentina, Chile, Panama, Bolivia.

Mexico will open play on June 5th against Uruguay in Arizona before traveling to the Rose Bowl to face Jamaica in a rematch of the 2015 Gold Cup final on June 9th. El Tri will finish group play against Venezuela on June 13th in Texas.

Should they reach the knockout rounds, they would face either the winner or runner-up from Group D, in a game that would be held either in California (if they win the group) or in Massachusetts (if they finish second).

The complete tournament schedule is as follows:

Group Stage

Friday, June 3
USA vs Colombia – Santa Clara, CA

Saturday, June 4
Costa Rica vs Paraguay – Orlando, FL
Haiti vs Peru – Seattle, WA
Brazil vs Ecuador – Pasadena, CA

Sunday, June 5
Jamaica vs Venezuela – Chicago, IL
Mexico vs Uruguay – Glendale, AZ

Monday, June 6
Panama vs Bolivia – Orlando, FL
Argentina vs Chile – Santa Clara, CA

Tuesday, June 7
USA vs Costa Rica – Chicago, IL
Colombia vs Paraguay – Pasadena, CA

Wednesday, June 8
Brazil vs Haiti – Orlando, FL
Ecuador vs Peru – Glendale, AZ

Thursday, June 9
Uruguay vs Venezuela – Philadelphia, PA
Mexico vs Jamaica – Pasadena, CA

Friday, June 10
Chile vs Bolicia – Foxborough, MA
Argentina vs Panama – Chicago, IL

Saturday, June 11
USA vs Paraguay – Philadelphia, PA
Colombia vs Costa Rica – Houston, TX

Sunday, June 12
Ecuador vs Haiti – East Rutherford, NJ
Brazil vs Peru – Foxborough, MA

Monday, June 13
Mexico vs Venezuela – Houston, TX
Uruguay vs Jamaica – Santa Clara, CA

Tuesday, June 14
Chile vs Panama – Philadelphia, PA
Argentina vs Bolivia – Seattle, WA

Quarterfinals – June 16-18
25. 1A vs 2B – Seattle, WA
26. 2A vs 1B – East Rutherford, NJ
27. 1D vs 2C – Foxborough, MA
28. 2D vs 1C – Santa Clara, CA

Semifinals – June 21-22
Winner 25 vs Winner 27 – Houston, TX
Winner 26 vs Winner 28 – Chicago, IL

Third Place
Saturday, June 25 – Glendale, AZ

Sunday, June 26 – East Rutherford, NJ

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