Apertura 2016 Copa MX Schedule and Format

copa corona mxThe Apertura 2016 edition of the Copa MX is debuting a number of format changes, including three-team groups and a seeded draw, and with the release of the schedule some more changes have been revealed.

In past years, the top team in each group advanced to the knockout rounds, which began with the quarterfinals. Now, however, two teams will advance from each group and a round of sixteen has been added to the knockout stage.

The group stage will begin on July 19th and end on September 14th, with each team playing four games over a period of six matchweeks.

The knockout stages are one-game, single-elimination affairs, with the round of sixteen on September 27-28, the quarterfinals on October 18-19, the semifinals on October 25-26, and the final between November 1-3.

The complete Copa MX schedule can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Apertura 2016 Copa MX Schedule and Format

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