Atlas Presents New Jerseys for the Apertura 2016

Atlas has introduced new home, away, and goalkeeper jerseys for the Apertura 2016 season, which also marks the club’s centennial year. Manufactured by Puma, the jerseys will be used in the upcoming Apertura and Clausura seasons.

The home jersey features the traditional red-and-black colors that have given Atlas its Rojinegros nickname. The left half of the jersey is black, the right half is red, and the two fade into each other across a gradient in the center.

On away days, Atlas will wear white, with an interrupted black-and-red vertical stripe down the center. Black accents on the left sleeve and shoulder and red ones on the right complete the look. The white shorts paired with the jersey also feature a black stripe on the left leg and a red stripe on the right.

As for the goalkeepers, they will have their choice of green or orange jerseys with matching socks; their black shorts feature a corresponding stripe of color along the side.


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