León vs Necaxa – Jornada 2 Recap and Highlights

leon necaxaAfter a 70-minute delay due to heavy rain and a flooded field, León and Necaxa resumed their Jornada 2 match but couldn’t change the 0-0 scoreline. The draw keeps both teams winless in the Apertura 2016 but also keeps Necaxa unbeaten in their return to the first division.

León and Necaxa struggled through 21 minutes of play in a downpour until the standing water gathering on the field prompted referee Eduardo Galvan Basulto to call a temporary halt to proceedings.

When the field dried enough to be playable, the match restarted from the 21st minute, but both teams still struggled to spark the game into life. Necaxa had a pair of good chances through Mario de Luna and Luis Gallegos, but neither could capitalize on them.

In the second half, León looked to ratchet up the intensity; as the home team, the pressure was on La Fiera to win. But they were lacking the final touch and bit by bit Necaxa got back into the game.

Edson Puch had a long-range opportunity in the 61st minute and that was just about the last clear chance of the game for either side. León and Necaxa both moved the ball into their respective attacking thirds, but the clarity to get past that point was absent.

With the 0-0 draw, León reaches one point while Necaxa reaches two.



León: William Yarbrough, Carlos Guzmán, Guillermo Burdisso, Diego Novaretti, Efraín Velarde, Aldo Rocha, Elías Hernández, Luis Montes, Andrés Andrade, Germán Cano, Hernán Darío Burbano (Mauro Boselli 60′).

Necaxa: Marcelo Barovero, Brayan Beckeles, Marcos González, Mario de Luna, Erik Vera (Fernando Meza 88′), Edson Puch, Xavier Báez, Manuel Iturra, Luis Gallegos, Alejandro Díaz (Rodrigo Prieto 85′), Claudio Riaño (Jesús Isijara 64′). 


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