Chivas de Guadalajara vs Atlas – Jornada 6 Recap and Highlights

chivas atlasIn the Apertura 2016 edition of the Clásico Tapatío, Chivas de Guadalajara took the lead but couldn’t hold it as they drew 2-2 with Atlas. Carlos Salcedo went the full ninety in what proved to be his last game with Chivas before moving to Italy.

The hosts opened the scoring just past the half-hour mark. Ángel Zaldívar finished off a play that started in midfield with a shot from outside the box that beat Óscar Ustari to make it 1-0 for Chivas.

However, Atlas tied it up before halftime. In the 41st minute, Flavio Santos took the ball to the endline and sent his shot/cross past Rodolfo Cota from a very narrow angle to make it 1-1.

The Rojinegros then completed the turnaround soon after the break, with Martín Barragán finishing off a corner kick at the near post to make it 1-2 for the visitors in the 49th minute.

However, Chivas was given the chance to equalize from the spot after Luis Reyes was called for a foul on Jesús Sánchez in the box. Ángel Zaldívar stepped up to take the penalty and he converted it to make it 2-2 in the 67th minute.

Despite the best efforts of both sides, neither team was able to find a winning goal in the time remaining.

With the 2-2 draw, Chivas reaches eight points while Atlas reaches nine.



Chivas: Rodolfo Cota, Jair Pereira, Edwin Hernández (Néstor Calderón 52′), Carlos Salcedo, Michael Pérez, Orbelín Pineda (José Juan Vázquez 77′), Jesús Sánchez, Javier López, Isaác Brizuela (Marco Bueno 57′), Ángel Zaldívar, Carlos Cisneros.

Atlas: Óscar Ustari, Jaine Barreiro, Leiton Jiménez, Rafael Márquez, Luis Reyes, José Madueña, Luis Robles, Flavio Santos (Edson Rivera 78′), Cándido Ramírez (Daniel Álvarez 74′), Jefferson Duque (Javier Salas 61′), Martín Barragán. 


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