Puebla vs América – Jornada 6 Recap and Highlights

puebla america2Both teams had the lead at one point or another, but in the end Puebla and América had to settle for a 2-2 draw. The game finished 10 vs 10 after both Rubens Sambueza and Damián Schmidt were sent off in the 61st minute.

Puebla looked dangerous early on but it was the visitors who took the lead. In the 21st minute, Patricio Araujo was called for a foul on Silvio Romero and América was given the chance to open the scoring from the penalty spot.

Osvaldo Martínez took the PK and converted it to make it 0-1 for the Águilas.

Puebla immediately began pressing for an equalizer and Christian Bermúdez created a dangerous chance in the 40th minute. “Hobbit” got around Moisés Muñoz and sent his shot on goal, only for Paolo Goltz to clear the ball off the line. The rebound set up Matías Alustiza, but he incredibly sent the ball over the bar from close range.

Nevertheless, the Poblanos tied the game up just before halftime, as Édgar Dueñas headed home a corner kick in the 43rd minute to make it 1-1.

The hosts went on to take the lead in the second half, with Bermúdez heading home a cross from Damián Escudero to complete the turnaround in the 52nd minute.

América threw numbers forward as they looked to get back into the game, and Paolo Goltz nearly had the equalizer in the 58th minute, only for teammate Silvio Romero to inadvertently block the ball on the line.

Nevertheless, the tying goal came just moments later. Osvaldo Martínez’s volleyed attempt was kept out by Campestrini, but the rebound fell to Paul Aguilar, who made it 2-2.

The game turned into an end-to-end affair with both teams looking to take the lead, but some of the energy went out of the game after Schmidt and Sambueza were sent off.

Mauro Cejas nearly gave Puebla a last-minute victory with a one-on-one opportunity against Muñoz, but he couldn’t find the target.

With the 2-2 draw, Puebla reaches six points while América reaches 11.



Puebla: Cristian Campestrini, Robert Herrera, Patricio Araujo, Édgar Dueñas, Damián Schmidt, Carlos Orrantia, Francisco Torres, Christian Bermúdez (Mauro Cejas 83′), Damián Escudero (Franco Arizala 79′), Matías Alustiza, Eduardo Pérez (Carlos Gutiérrez 64′).

América: Moisés Muñoz, Paul Aguilar, Bruno Valdez (Renato Ibarra 69′), Pablo Aguilar, Paolo Goltz, Osmar Mares, Rubens Sambueza, José Daniel Guerrero, Osvaldo Martínez (William da Silva 80′), Carlos Darwin Quintero, Silvio Romero (Michael Arroyo 80′).


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