Carlos Darwin Quintero Sidelined with Thrombophlebitis

red crossClub América’s Carlos Darwin Quintero is set to be sidelined for an undetermined length of time after being diagnosed with thrombophlebitis, a vein blockage caused by a blood clot, in his right leg.

Due to the potential seriousness of complications – such as the clot dislodging and traveling to the lungs, for example – Quintero was examined by a group of specialists, including a cardiologist, a vascular surgeon, a hematologist, and an angiologist, who together determined a treatment plan.

That treatment includes the use of anticoagulants, which means Quintero cannot engage in any sort of sporting activity. The anticoagulants prevent clots from forming, which means that any kind of bleed, such as a bruising collision, could turn into a hemorrhage.

Quintero was first bothered by discomfort in his leg two weeks ago, but it was initially thought to be a muscular complaint. It wasn’t until this Friday that the clot was detected.


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