New Voit Legacy Introduced for Cancer Awareness Campaign

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and for the third year, Liga MX’s annual pink-themed campaign for breast cancer awareness is being joined by a blue-themed campaign for prostate cancer awareness.

Liga MX is using the hashtag #TuVidaNoEsUnJuego, or Your Life Is Not a Game, to promote their awareness campaign.

Because Your Life Is Not A Game, this is the Voit League Ball that will roll in #LigaBancomerMX against breast and prostate cancer.

To that effect, Liga MX has launched the “Campaña Azul y Rosa”, the Blue and Pink Campaign, to spread awareness of the diseases and promote self-exams and screenings.

The campaign includes a new color scheme for the Voit Legacy, the official ball of Liga MX and the Liga de Ascenso, which will be in use in both leagues throughout the month of October.

In addition to the ball, the Blue and Pink Campaign will include captain’s armbands and referee uniforms in those colors, as well as posters next to the goals.

As part of this prevention Campaign, this is how the referees will dress in the #LigaBancomerMX games. Your Life Is Not A Game.

Each game will also include a statement from the captains about the campaign during the pre-game ceremonies.

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