Apertura 2016 End of Season Review – Part II

liga mxAfter examining team performance statistics in Part I, Part II of the End of Season review will look at some stats from the league as a whole.

First up: goals. There were a total of 430 goals scored this season, for an average of 25.2 per week and 2.8 per game. In an illustration of Liga MX’s consistency on that score, the Apertura 2016 goals total was just one fewer than in the Clausura 2016.


Week-by-week goal totals

Jornada 6 boasted the highest total, with 40 goals, the result of seven games having four or more goals. As is typical, the opening Jornada featured the fewest goals, with just 17.


In terms of attendance, a total of 4,061,843 people made their way to the stadiums this season, a 4.5% decrease from the Clausura 2016 season. The average weekly attendance was 238,932, with an average of 25,548 per game.


Week-by-week total and average attendance

Jornada 5 had the highest attendance, with 277,631 people (30,848 average), while Jornada 15 had the poorest, with 211,381 people (23,487 average).

The best-attended game of the season was the Jornada 7 SuperClásico between América and Chivas de Guadalajara, which drew 61,561 to the Estadio Azteca. On the other end of the spectrum, just 8,672 made their way to the Estadio Víctor Manuel Reyna to see Jaguares de Chiapas vs Querétaro in Jornada 15.


Finally, the referees had a busy season, handing out a total of 660 yellow cards and 51 reds; while the number of cautions was virtually identical to the Clausura 2016 season (which had 667), there was a 19% drop in the number of ejections.


Week-by-week yellow and red card totals

On average, 39 yellows and three reds were handed out per week; the most cautions came in Jornada 7, with 57 yellows handed out, and the most ejections came in Jornada 16, with six players shown red.

The players were best-behaved in Jornada 10, which saw just 26 cards in total, and worst-behaved in Jornadas 7 and 16, which both had a total of 60 cards.


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