Pre-Clausura 2017 Roster Changes: Puebla

logo Puebla 2016Puebla had a disappointing Apertura 2016 season, where they finished 12th and missed out on the playoffs.

The Poblanos also finished the season rather lower than they would like in the Tabla de Cociente that controls relegation, where they are currently 15th.

Despite that, they have not been very active in the transfer market to date, with just two players arriving and three departing.

Puebla’s reinforcements have both come from abroad, with Argentinian defender Osvaldo Centurión signing from C.A. Cerro and his compatriot, midfielder Gabriel Esparza, arriving on loan from San Lorenzo.

In terms of departures, Sergio Ceballos (Tampico Madero) has gone on loan, while Matías Alustiza (Atlas) and Franco Arizala (Jaguares de Chiapas) have left on permanent transfers.


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