Voit Releases Official Match Ball for the Clausura 2017

Voit has introduced a new match ball for Liga MX, Ascenso MX, and the Copa MX, which will be used during the Clausura 2017 seasons. An update to last season’s Legacy, this is the Legacy Urball.

This is the new #LegacyUrball that the @LigaBancomerMX #CL2017 will be played with. Explode your game!

The Urball’s color scheme is a vibrant yellow with contrasting blue panels, high-visibility colors for winter weather. Like prior Voit balls, the Urball features interior balance, aerodynamic texture, GEOSMART technology, and smart cushioning with dynamic shock absorption.

@LigaBancomerMX debuts a new ball for the #CL2017. Remember the name that will explode your passion: #LegacyUrball.

The Legacy Urball is designed to “inspire the recollection of street soccer, where the passion for the game starts … where the walls are used for goals, friends are the best coaches, and where there are no limits.”

Presenting the @VoitFutbol #LegacyUrball that the #Clausura2017 will be played with.

The Legacy Urball will be used throughout the season in Liga MX, Ascenso MX, the Copa MX, and the various youth divisions.


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