Tijuana vs Necaxa – Jornada 6 Recap and Highlights

tijuana-necaxaNecaxa handed Tijuana their first home loss of the season as they Rayos picked up a 1-2 victory in the Estadio Caliente. The defeat snaps a four-game winning streak for the Xolos, while Necaxa is now unbeaten in two.

The hosts started the game off better, as they controlled possession and kept the ball in Necaxa’s defensive third. In the 16th minute, Víctor Malcorra came as close as hitting the post, but Tijuana couldn’t find the breakthrough.

The Xolos also had a penalty shout when Milton Caraglio was brought down in the box by Mario de Luna, but referee Jorge Isaác Rojas did not call a foul.

In the second half, Tijuana continued to press forward but Necaxa stood firm defensively. Then, just when the Xolos seemed to be in complete control, the visitors took the lead. Claudio Riaño combined with Luis Gallegos to get into the box and make it 0-1 in the 63rd minute.

The goal inspired Necaxa’s defense further as they looked to hold on to all three points. With the clock running down, Riaño got on the board again when he finished off a counterattack started by Edson Puch to make it 0-2 in the 85th minute.

What looked like an insurance goal ended up being the game winner after Juan Lucero scored a consolation for the Xolos in stoppage time to make it 1-2.

With the 1-2 win, Necaxa reaches seven points while Tijuana still has 12.



Tijuana: Manuel Gibrán Lajud, Juan Carlos Valenzuela, Damián Pérez, Víctor Aguilera, Juan Carlos Núñez (Henry Martín 86′), Guido Rodriguez, Víctor Malcorra (Matías Pisado 81′), Avilés Hurtado, Joe Corona, Paul Arriola (Juan Lucero 68′), Milton Caraglio.

Necaxa: Marcelo Barovero, Marcos González, Jairo González (Brayan Beckeles 77′), Severo Meza, Mario de Luna, Xavier Báez, Jesús Isijara (Nicolás Maturana 88′), Manuel Iturra, Luis Gallegos, Claudio Riaño (Maximiliano Barreiro 86′), Edson Puch. 


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