Toluca vs Veracruz – Jornada 6 Recap and Highlights

toluca veracruzToluca beat Veracruz 1-0 on Sunday afternoon to jump into first place in the table. The win was a second consecutive one for the Diablos Rojos, who are unbeaten in three, while the loss keeps the Tiburones Rojos winless on the road this season.

Toluca was celebrating their centenary and the newly-renovated Estadio Nemesio Diez was packed. The home team was able to send the crowd home happy thanks to a 22nd-minute goal by Fernando Uribe.

Rubens Sambueza played a good ball into the box, and Uribe was there to finish the chance and make it 1-0.

The afternoon quickly got worse for Veracruz as Javier Orozco was forced out of the game due to injury in the 28th minute. Even so, the Tiburones nearly tied the game shortly before halftime with a dangerous shot by Ángel Reyna.

In the second half, Toluca continued to press forward as they looked to add to their lead. Uribe was particularly dangerous, and he had multiple one-on-one chances against Melitón Hernández, but the goalkeeper came out on top in each of them.

As the game wore on, the rhythm was interrupted by a flurry of fouls and yellow cards, and neither team was able to change the scoreboard.

With the 1-0 win, Toluca reaches 13 points while Veracruz still has nine.



Toluca: Alfredo Talavera, Rodrigo Salinas, Paulo da Silva, Osvaldo González, Efraín Velarde, Pablo Barrientos (Erbin Trejo 70′), Antonio Ríos, Jesús Méndez (Sinha 56′), Rubens Sambueza (Carlos Esquivel 85′), Gabriel Hauche, Fernando Uribe.

Veracruz: Édgar Melitón Hernández, Marcelo Alatorre, Kristian Álvarez, Leobardo López, Antonio Briseño, Ángel Reyna, Cristian Pellerano, Egidio Arévalo, Freddy Hinestroza (Luis Martínez 38′), Eduardo Herrera (Felipe Flores 46′), Javier Orozco (Martín Bravo 28′). 


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