Disciplinary Report: Clausura 2017 Week 9

The Disciplinary Committee has suspended six players and two members of technical staffs in the aftermath of this weekend’s Jornada 9 games.

The two most notable suspensions go to Rubens Sambueza of Toluca and Andrés Andrade of León, who are indefinitely suspended until the Committee can make a definitive ruling. Sambueza and Andrade were both involved in red-card challenges that resulted in significant injury (to Isaác Brizuela and Renato Ibarra, respectively).

The clubs of the injured players have requested the disqualification of Sambueza and Andrade for the duration of Brizuela and Ibarra’s injury layoffs.

The other four player suspensions are more straightforward. Joe Corona of Tijuana, Joao Rojas of Cruz Azul, and Jonathan Bornstein of Querétaro will all miss their next game after receiving two yellow cards in the same game, while Gabriel Hauche of Toluca was given a one-game suspension for serious foul play.

In terms of technical staff, Chivas de Guadalajara’s physical trainer, Guido Bonini, was given a one-game suspension for constantly protesting the referee crew’s decisions, while Hernán Petti of Monterrey was suspended for a lack of respect towards the match officials.


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