Disciplinary Committee Rulings

The Disciplinary Committee has completed its investigations into Rubens Sambueza, Andrés Andrade, Pablo Aguilar, and Enrique Triverio, with three of the four facing long suspensions.

Sambueza and Andrade were involved in plays in Jornada 9 that resulted in serious injury to their opponents (Isaác Brizuela and Renato Ibarra, respectively). For causing harm to an opponent, Sambueza was given an eight-game suspension, which will end his season unless Toluca reaches the playoffs.

Andrade, of León, was not punished beyond his initial red card as the injury he caused was judged to be accidental.

Aguilar and Triverio were being investigated after violent conduct towards referees Fernando Hernández Gómez and Miguel Ángel Flores, respectively, in the Copa MX quarterfinals in midweek.

Aguilar was given a 10-game suspension – eight for “attempted assault” and two for insulting the officials – while Triverio will miss eight games, six for “attempted assault” and one for a lack of respect towards the officials.

Although both incidents occurred in the Copa MX, the suspensions will be served in Liga MX. That effectively ends both players’ seasons unless América and Toluca reach the playoffs.

Additionally, the Disciplinary Committee fined Club América’s Ricardo Peláez about $7,140 U.S. for going down the tunnel to intercept the referee in the aforementioned Copa MX game.


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