Liga MX Referees On Strike

Reportedly feeling that Pablo Aguilar and Enrique Triverio were insufficiently punished for their actions in the Copa MX this week, the Liga MX referees have gone on strike and refused to officiate this weekend’s scheduled Jornada 10 games.

The decision to strike came shortly before Veracruz vs Puebla was scheduled to kick off. That game was postponed, then marred by tragedy as Puebla assistant coach Aníbal Ruíz collapsed and died of a heart attack.

Liga MX later announced that the entire slate of Jornada 10 games, set to be played between March 10th and 12th, has been postponed after the referees “unilaterally refused” to participate.

The referees’ outrage comes as Pablo Aguilar and Enrique Triverio were suspended for “attempted assault” of Fernando Hernández Gómez and Miguel Ángel Flores, respectively.

Aguilar headbutted Hernández while Triverio struck Flores, with both players making physical contact with the referees. The modifier “attempted” is being viewed as insulting to the referees as well as an indication that Liga MX is not taking the officials’ safety seriously.

Aguilar was given a 10-game suspension – eight for the “attempted assault” and two for insulting the officials – while Triverio will miss eight games, six for the “attempted assault” and one for a lack of respect towards the officials.

Although both incidents occurred in the Copa MX, the suspensions will be served in Liga MX. That effectively ends both players’ seasons unless América and Toluca reach the playoffs.


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