Mexican Referee Association Press Release

The Mexican Referee Association (AMA) has released a press release regarding the Liga MX referee strike.

Loosely translated, the AMA statement reads as follows:

“In relation to the events that occurred during the Round of Sixteen Copa MX games, where our colleagues Miguel Ángel Flores Rodríguez and Fernando Hernández Gómez were assaulted, we make the following clarifications:

“1. The AMA Professional Referees report that the only reason why they are not officiating the games of Jornada 10 of the Liga MX Clausura 2017 season is because the sanction imposed by the Disciplinary Committee to the players Pablo Aguilar of Club América and Enrique Triverio of Club Toluca was not applied based on the regulations for sanctions nor in agreement with the referee’s report.

“Due to that, we consider that the decision goes against the referee’s authority and the spirit that should reign in Mexican Soccer.

“2. In addition, we wish to make it clear that the aforementioned situation was communicated in advance to the President of the Referees’ Commission, Héctor González Iñarritu, to act accordingly.

“AMA Professional Referees Association reiterates its support of our colleagues, in the hopes that respect and legality will reign in order to support the soccer that our fans deserve.

“United for a Common Good”.


2 thoughts on “Mexican Referee Association Press Release

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