Court of Arbitration for Sport Reduces Triverio and Aguilar Suspensions

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has reduced the sanctions imposed on Enrique Triverio of Toluca and Pablo Aguilar of Club América. The two were appealing the one-year suspensions they received following violent conduct against the referee in their respective Copa MX games on March 8th.

The Disciplinary Committee originally handed down an eight-game suspension for Triverio and a 10-game suspension for Aguilar; after an appeal by the Referees’ Commission, the Appeals Committee overturned the original sanction and imposed a one-year ban on March 13.

The players then appealed the appeal, turning to CAS on March 30th.

As Triverio and Aguilar were currently suspended, the case was expedited. After a hearing in Lausanne, Switzerland, on April 28th, CAS annulled the Appeals Committee’s decision and reinstated the original ban.

CAS also ruled that the games that Triverio and Aguilar have already missed will count against the eight- and 10-game bans.

The Sole Arbitrator considered that, “in light of the evidence which was produced, the sanctions that had been imposed in the first instance by the Disciplinary Committee of the FMF were appropriate in light of the misconducts at stake and that the increased sanctions imposed by the Appeal Committee of the FMF could not be upheld”.

The CAS release dealing with this case can be read in full here.

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