Clausura 2017 Relegation Watch: One Game Remaining

The Clausura 2017 relegation fight will be decided on the final day. With one game left to play, relegation has come down to Jaguares de Chiapas and Monarcas Morelia.

Mathematically, Veracruz is still technically involved in the fight, but in reality the Tiburones Rojos are essentially safe as the only way they could be relegated is if they lose, Morelia and Jaguares both win, and Jaguares manage to overturn a 12-goal deficit in goal difference.

Current relegation standings:

16 Veracruz 117 101 1.1584 (-38 GD)
17 Morelia 115 101 1.1386 (-29 GD)
18 Jaguares 114 101 1.1287 (-50 GD)

Morelia’s destiny is in their own hands: a win will keep the michoacanos up, regardless of Jaguares’ result. If they lose or draw, they will need Jaguares to lose or draw as well.

The only way for Jaguares to stay up is if they win their own game and Morelia fails to win theirs.

Even if Morelia loses and Jaguares draw, which would leave them both with 115 points from 102 games, the Monarquía would stay up thanks to the goal difference tiebreaker, which is currently -29 for Morelia and -50 for Jaguares. Needless to say, Morelia is unlikely to lose by 22 goals.

The relegation-deciding games will be played simultaneously on Saturday night, 10 PM Eastern:

Monterrey vs Monarcas Morelia
Atlas vs Jaguares de Chiapas
Tijuana vs Veracruz


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