Jaguares de Chiapas Relegated

Jaguares de Chiapas won their final game of the Clausura 2017 season, 0-1 against Atlas, but that victory was not enough to save them after Monarcas Morelia earned a dramatic win of their own.

Jaguares finish the season with a point-per-game average of 1.1471, the product of 117 points from 102 games – just one point less than Monarcas Morelia, who finished with 118 points from their 102 games, and level with Veracruz, who won the tiebreaker due to their superior goal difference.

Jaguares has had a turbulent history in recent years, including the original Jaguares de Chiapas team being relocated to Querétaro in 2013 while San Luis was brought in to become, officially, Chiapas Fútbol Club, the current Jaguares de Chiapas incarnation.

There have also been repeated reports of financial problems over the past few years, with players threatening to strike over unpaid wages.

The troubled club will now look to sort things out in Ascenso MX.


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