Necaxa vs Chivas de Guadalajara – Jornada 17 Recap and Highlights

Necaxa was eliminated from playoff contention before this game, while Chivas de Guadalajara was already assured of their own spot in the playoffs. With relatively little at stake, it’s perhaps no surprise that they played out a 0-0 draw in their final regular season game of the Clausura 2017.

Chivas did have chances to win the game, but Marcelo Barovero put on a show in goal for the Rayos to keep Guadalajara off the board.

The best chance for the hosts came in the 61st minute, when Néstor Calderón’s shot from outside the box forced Barovero into a great save at the near post.

Necaxa had a few chances of their own, and they very nearly won it in stoppage time when Fabián Espíndola had a chance from inside the box. However, Rodolfo Cota was there to preserve his shutout.

With the 0-0 draw, Necaxa reaches 21 points while Chivas reaches 27.



Necaxa: Marcelo Barovero, Mario de Luna (Emilio MacEachren 65′), Brayan Beckeles, Jairo González, Marcos González, Xavier Báez, Edson Puch, Jesús Isijara (Severo Meza 87′), Manuel Iturra, Michel García (Fabián Espíndola 78′), Maximiliano Barreiro.

Chivas: Rodolfo Cota, Miguel Ángel Ponce, Jesús Sánchez, Jair Pereira, Oswaldo Alanís, Carlos Fierro (Javier López 62′), Orbelín Pineda (José Godínez 71′), Carlos Salcido, Néstor Calderón (Michelle Benítez 65′), José Juan Vázquez, Alan Pulido. 


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