Monterrey’s Stadium Ban Overturned

The Appeals Committee has overturned Monterrey’s stadium ban, but has upheld their fine and has given the club an Aviso de Veto, an official warning that another incident will result in a ban.

In explaining their decision, the Appeals Committee noted that the sanction should be in proportion to the severity of the incident and its circumstances. They noted that:

1. Monterrey had more than the required amount of security personnel;

2. There were two confrontations inside the stadium, and one outside it, with the latter not Monterrey’s responsibility; 

3. The confrontations in the stadium lasted less than two minutes, due to a prompt response by security;

4. There were two people injured in the stadium confrontations but neither was seriously hurt;

5. Thirty-two people were detained by the authorities;

6. The aggressors were identified.

The Appeals Committee then decided to modify the sanction imposed by the Disciplinary Committee, replacing the stadium ban with a warning while imposing the maximum monetary fine.


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