Tijuana vs Cruz Azul – Jornada 1 Recap and Highlights

Cruz Azul missed a penalty but still did enough to beat Tijuana, as they earned the first victory of the Apertura 2017 with a 0-2 away win against the Xolos.

La Máquina looked the better side from the start and they began to find chances early on. Julián Velázquez put his header on frame from a corner kick, but defender Damián Pérez made the clearance. Soon after that, Martín Cauteruccio had a shot from inside the box that was again cleared by the defense.

In the 19th minute, Gibrán Lajud was called for a foul on Martín Rodríguez, giving the visitors the chance to open the scoring from the penalty spot. Adrián Aldrete stepped up to take it, but he sent the PK against the crossbar. The follow-up was cleared out for a corner kick, and Édgar Méndez’s ensuing header slipped through Lajud’s hands to make it 0-1 for La Máquina.

That sequence was not all good news for Cruz Azul, however, as Rodríguez ended up having to be subbed out with an apparent knee injury following the foul.

In the second half, Cruz Azul continued to have the better of the run of play, with the Xolos unable to make their home-field advantage count.

The visitors came close to adding a second in the 70th minute with another set piece, but this time the service was just out of the reach of Méndez.

In the 82nd minute, Cruz Azul put the game out of reach for Tijuana. Cauteruccio drove towards the box on a counterattack and passed to Méndez at the top of the six-yard box. The Spaniard made no mistake with his finish as he made it 0-2 for the visitors.

With the 0-2 win, Cruz Azul reaches three points while Tijuana still has zero.



Tijuana: Manuel Gibrán Lajud, Juan Carlos Valenzuela, Damián Pérez, Víctor Aguilera, Damián Musto, Alejandro Guido (Daniel López 72′), Juan Lucero, Henry Martín (Luis Chávez 45′), Matías Aguirregaray, Víctor Malcorra, Mauricio Cuero (Gustavo Bou 62′).

Cruz Azul: Guillermo Allison, Omar Mendoza, Julio Domínguez, Julian Velázquez, Andrián Aldrete, Gabriel Peñalba (Enzo Roco 81′), Martín Cauteruccio (Christian Giménez 90′), Édgar Méndez, Ángel Mena, Martín Rodríguez (Rosario Cota 23′), Rafael Baca. 


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