Liga MX Femenil Addresses Rumors

With Liga MX Femenil set to kick off this Friday, rumor has been circulating on social media of sexist and homophobic regulations for the women’s teams.

The graphic in question has been making the rounds on social media with the Liga MX Femenil logo and a list of alleged regulations that include claims that the players would not have medical care and that pregnancy would result in immediate termination of contracts, as well as that players would be forbidden to discuss their sexualities or display “overly masculine attitudes”.

In a comprehensive statement, Liga MX thoroughly rebutted all of the rumors, noting that “in no article of the Social Statute of the Mexican Football Federation or the Competition Regulations for Liga MX Femenil or the other Professional Divisions is there any disposition that limits one’s right to take part in the competitions due to sexual preference, religion, or another discriminatory circumstance”.

In addition, those regulations establish teams’ responsibilities to the players in terms of medical care, with all registered players – both male and female – requiring medical insurance “which will be provided by the Club to which they belong”. Furthermore, “there is no mention of pregnancy as a reason to void a Club’s responsibilities”.

The statement concludes by noting that the formation of the women’s division “is due to the necessity of recognizing the value of women in our society and their great contribution to sports” and that the priority of Liga MX, Ascenso MX, and Liga MX Femenil is to “respect gender equality, diversity and, above all, the integrity of people at all times”.


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