Cruz Azul vs Chivas de Guadalajara – Jornada 2 Recap and Highlights

Cruz Azul took the lead but couldn’t hold it as they drew 1-1 with Chivas de Guadalajara in this game, which finished 10 vs 10. The tie keeps both teams unbeaten in the Apertura, but it leaves El Rebaño still looking for their first win.

Cruz Azul took the initiative early on, as befitting the home team, and they kept the pressure on Chivas, although it took a while before they began to generate dangerous chances. The first one came in the 25th minute, when Ángel Mena brought the ball to the end line before swinging it in for Édgar Méndez, only for his volley to go wide.

Five minutes after that, Méndez was the one sending the ball into the box and that time Rafael Baca got on the end of it and beat Rodolfo Cota to make it 1-0 for La Máquina.

Chivas started the second half strongly as they looked to tie the game. In the 63rd minute, Rodolfo Pizarro received the ball from Cota and drove downfield, getting around two defenders and then beating Jesús Corona to make it 1-1.

When Edwin Hernández was sent off in the 70th minute with his second yellow of the night, it looked like Cruz Azul would have the opportunity to retake the lead. However, even playing a man down, Chivas looked the more dangerous of the two.

The numerical advantage disappeared in the 88th minute when Adrián Aldrete earned his own second yellow and the subsequent red, but neither team could take advantage of the extra space on the field as they had to settle for splitting the spoils.

With the 1-1 draw, Cruz Azul reaches four points while Chivas reaches two.



Cruz Azul: José de Jesús Corona, Julio Domínguez, Adrián Aldrete, Enzo Roco, Omar Mendoza, Rafael Baca, Édgar Méndez, Francisco Silva (Felipe Mora 70′), Gabriel Peñalba, Ángel Mena (Rosario Cota 82′), Martín Cauteruccio.

Chivas: Rodolfo Cota, Edwin Hernández, Jesús Sánchez, Jair Pereira, Hedgardo Marín, Isaác Brizuela (Javier López 56′), Carlos Salcido, Carlos Fierro (Michael Pérez 77′), Rodolfo Pizarro, Orbelín Pineda, Ángel Zaldívar (José Macías 87′). 


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