Liga MX Launches Pro-Education Campaign

To raise awareness of the importance of education, the Voit Lummo, the official ball of Liga MX and Ascenso MX, has undergone a makeover. The light blue color that has been traditionally used to represent Liga MX’s pro-education campaigns has been added to the Lummo’s black-and-pink colorscheme. 

The “Balón Creando Oportunidades” (Creating Opportunities) will be used in Liga MX in Jornadas 4-7, and in Ascenso MX in Jornadas 4-6, for a total of 60 games.

In addition to the ball – which features the words “Creando Oportunidades” along with the light blue stripe – the campaign will be supported by signs behind the goals, special captains’ armbands, and shirts worn by the children in the pre-match ceremonies.


What do you think?

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