Toluca vs Necaxa – Jornada 5 Recap and Highlights

Toluca remained unbeaten this season but winless in two with Sunday’s 0-0 draw against Necaxa. The result leaves the Rayos winless in three.

Toluca nearly took the lead in unlikely fashion in the 10th minute as Marcelo Barovero whiffed on a backpass. The ball rolled past him towards the empty net, hit the inside of the post, and rebounded back into the box where the grateful goalkeeper scooped it up.

However, the referee then awarded Toluca an indirect free kick inside the box due to Barovero handling the backpass. The hosts were unable to capitalize on the opportunity, though, and then Necaxa mounted a quick counterattack, but Pablo Velázquez’s attempt ended up in the hands of Luis García.

The hosts had the better of possession, but they were unable to do much to trouble Barovero’s goal. Although they created some chances, such as a 25th minute effort by Rodrigo López, they couldn’t put them on goal.

In the second half, it was the visitors who began to have more possession and more opportunities. Nevertheless, Necaxa couldn’t find the final touch either.

In the waning minutes of the game the intensity picked up as both sides looked to grab a late winner. Martín Barragán came close for Necaxa as he received the ball on the edge of the area, got around his defender, and sent his shot crashing against the crossbar.

But the woodwork was as close as either team came as Toluca and Necaxa settled for a share of the spoils.

With the 0-0 draw, Toluca reaches nine points while Necaxa reaches eight.



Toluca: Luis García, Osvaldo González, Santiago García, Rodrigo Salinas, Efraín Velarde, Rodrigo Gómez (Jesús Méndez 74′), Antonio Ríos, Rubens Sambueza, Rodrigo López (Mateus Gonçalves 67′), Gabriel Hauche (Alexis Canelo 58′), Fernando Uribe.

Necaxa: Marcelo Barovero, Jairo González, Igor Lichnovsky, Brayan Beckeles, Mario de Luna, Luis Pérez, Jesús Isijara (Manuel Iturra 75′), Carlos González, Xavier Báez, Daniel Álvarez (Miguel Ángel Ponce 64′), Pablo Velázquez 80′). 


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