Mexico to Donate to Schools if Chant Stops

Ahead of September’s World Cup qualifying games, Mexico has launched another campaign in an attempt to quiet the homophobic goal-kick chant that is ubiquitous in its stadiums.

With the general “Abrazados por el Fútbol” (Embraced by Soccer) campaign, and the “Ya Párale” (Stop It Now) campaign – aimed specifically at ending the now infamous chant – not having an apparent effect, the newest effort is #GritaMéxico (Shout “Mexico”).

It’s time to show that we have the best fans… #GritaMéxico and we will send resources to improve the country’s schools!

The new campaign chooses the carrot over the stick, with the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) promising that if fans #GritaMéxico (Shout “Mexico”) on goal kicks instead of the typical slur, a donation equivalent to the amount of a fine will be donated to improve schools in Mexico.

To date, the chant has resulted in fines totaling 140,000 Swiss Francs during Mexico’s 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign. The FMF appears to finally be turning its attention from appealing the fines to changing fan behavior to cease accumulating them. “Fewer fines, more improved schools” is a tagline of the campaign.

If you go to the @EstadioAzteca this Friday, #GritaMéxico! Do it for them. 

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