Tijuana vs Veracruz – Jornada 13 Recap and Highlights

Neither team could find the breakthrough in this one as Tijuana drew 0-0 with 10-man Veracruz. The result ends a two-game losing streak for the Xolos but keeps them winless in four, while the Tiburones Rojos remain winless in two.

The game was hard-fought from the beginning, with neither side able to take control. Goal-scoring opportunities were few and far between in the opening half; Gibrán Lajud made a save in the 10th minute on a shot from distance, and that was about the only chance of note.

In the second half, Tijuana had a good opportunity on the counterattack when Miller Bolaños went one-on-one with Melitón Hernández, but he couldn’t finish off the chance.

The game took a turn for the visitors in the 67th minute when Diego Chávez was sent off, leaving Veracruz to see out the final 20+ minutes with 10 men.

The Xolos pushed forward after that as they looked to make their numerical advantage count, but Hernández made a pair of saves to keep them off the board.Veracruz looked dangerous on the counter, although they too were ultimately unable to open the scoring.

With the 0-0 draw, Tijuana reaches 15 points while Veracruz reaches 14.



Tijuana: Manuel Gibrán Lajud, Juan Carlos Valenzuela, Damián Pérez, Alejandro Donatti, Juan Carlos Núñez (Matías Aguirregaray 45′), Damián Musto, Víctor Malcorra, Luis Mendoza (Juan Lucero 75′), Joe Corona (Juan Iturbe 63′), Miller Bolaños, Gustavo Bou.

Veracruz: Édgar Melitón Hernández, Osmar Mares, Jesús Paganoni, Kristian Álvarez, Guido Milan, Adrián Luna (José Rivas 57′), Daniel Villalva, Leandro Velázquez (Christian Valdez 69′), Diego Chávez, Cristian Pellerano, Cristian Menéndez (Leandro Díaz 84′).


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