Clausura 2018 Liga MX Draft Day Roundup

The Clausura 2017 Liga MX Draft was held on Wednesday, December 13, with a total of 38 moves being finalized.

In: Henry Martín (Tijuana), Emanuel Aguilera (Tijuana), Joe Benny Corona (Tijuana)
Out: Miguel Samudio (Querétaro), Manuel Pérez (Lobos)

In: Cándido Ramírez (Monterrey)
Out: Javier Salas (Cruz Azul), José Madueña (Cruz Azul), Matías Alustiza (Pumas), Rodolfo Vilchis (Morelia), Christian Tabó (Puebla), Diego Cruz (Puebla)

Chivas de Guadalajara
In: Rodolfo Cota (Pachuca), Ronaldo Cisneros (Santos), Walter Gael Sandoval (Santos)
Out: Carlos Fierro (Cruz Azul), Luis Márquez (Lobos)

Cruz Azul
In: Javier Salas (Atlas), Carlos Fierro (Chivas), José Madueña (Atlas)
Out: Emanuel Loeschbor (Morelia), Christian Giménez (Pachuca), José Juan Vázquez (Santos), Omar Mendoza (Tijuana)

In: n/a
Out: Diego Novaretti (Querétaro), Leonel López (Toluca)

Lobos BUAP
In: Luis Márquez (Chivas), Jerónimo Amione (Puebla), Manuel Pérez (América)
Out: Luis Quiñones (Toluca)

Monarcas Morelia
In: Emanuel Loeschbor (Cruz Azul), Rodolfo Vilchis (Atlas)
Out: Jefferson Cuero (Santos)

In: n/a
Out: Hiram Mier (Querétaro), Cándido Ramírez (Atlas)

In: Ventura Alvarado (Santos)
Out: Jesús Isijara (Santos)

In: Christian Giménez (Cruz Azul)
Out: Rodolfo Cota (Chivas), Edson Puch (Querétaro)

In: Matías Alustiza (Atlas), Jorge Enríquez (Santos), Christian Tabó (Atlas), Diego Cruz (Atlas)
Out: Jerónimo Amione (Lobos)

Pumas UNAM
In: n/a
Out: Gerardo Alcoba (Santos), Bryan Rabello (Santos)

In: Hiram Mier (Monterrey), Miguel Samudio (América), Edson Puch (Pachuca), Diego Novaretti (León)
Out: Luis García (Toluca)

Santos Laguna
In: Jesús Isijara (Necaxa), Gerardo Alcoba (Pumas), José Juan Vázquez (Chivas), Jefferson Cuero (Morelia), Bryan Rabello (Pumas)
Out: Walter Gael Sandoval (Chivas), Ventura Alvarado (Necaxa), Jorge Enríquez (Puebla), Ronaldo Cisneros (Chivas)

Tigres UANL
In: n/a
Out: n/a

In: Omar Mendoza (Cruz Azul)
Out: Henry Martín (América), Emanuel Aguilera (América), Joe Benny Corona (América), Gabriel Hauche (Toluca)

In: Gabriel Hauche (Tijuana), Luis García (Querétaro), Luis Quiñones (Lobos), Leonel López (León)
Out: Carlos Esquivel (Veracruz)

In: Carlos Esquivel (Toluca)
Out: n/a


2 thoughts on “Clausura 2018 Liga MX Draft Day Roundup

    1. Alex Post author

      Ah, compiling too fast; put him under the wrong “C” team. Had it right on the other end at least (Sandoval to Chivas in the list of Santos’ outgoing players). Anyway, it’s fixed now, thanks for catching that.


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