Pending Sanctions for the Clausura 2018

The Disciplinary Committee has published the list of players and coaching staff who have pending sanctions to serve at the start of the Clausura 2018.

The list shows the club with which the players received the suspension; if they have changed teams, they will serve the suspension with their new club.

Edson Álvarez (América), Guido Rodríguez (América), Christian Valdez (Veracruz), Lucas Rodríguez (Veracruz), Nery Cardozo (Monterrey), Paolo Yrizar (Querétaro), Yerson Candelo (Querétaro), Francisco Torres (Puebla), Lucas Cavallini (Puebla), and Ventura Alvarado (Santos), will all miss the first game of the Clausura 2018 season.

Edgar Méndez (Cruz Azul) will miss the first six games after spitting at América’s Alejandro Díaz in their quarterfinal second leg game.

Finally, in terms of coaching staff, Tomás Boy (Cruz Azul), José David Rangel (Toluca), and Hernán Cristante (Toluca), all have one-game suspensions to serve, while Osvaldo Alberto Scansetti (Toluca) has two games pending.

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