Lobos BUAP vs Querétaro – Jornada 2 Recap and Highlights

Querétaro earned an important victory with a 0-2 away win against Lobos BUAP. The result, the Gallos Blancos’ first win of the season, gives them a crucial three points in their relegation fight, while Lobos have now lost two in a row and are slipping down the relegation standings.

Querétaro started the game with high pressure and they created some early chances through Luis Noriega and Camilo Sanvezzo, but they couldn’t capitalize on them. Lobos soon grew into the game and the licántropos began to test Tiago Volpi with shots from outside the box.

Although Lobos had more possession, Querétaro looked more dangerous with the ball. Edson Puch hit the woodwork on one of the Gallos counterattacks; then, just before halftime, they took the lead. Sanvezzo cut past his defender and beat Lucero Álvarez to make it 0-1 for Querétaro.

Lobos made a halftime substitution as they looked to get back into the game, but their changes did little to change the outlook of the game. The hosts couldn’t take advantage of the 79th-minute expulsion of Edson Puch, either; despite playing a man down, Querétaro not only was able to keep Lobos off the board but to add an insurance goal of their own.

In the 88th minute, Erbin Trejo put the game out of reach when he finished off a counterattack to make it 0-2.

With the 0-2 win, Querétaro reaches three points while Lobos still have zero.



Lobos: Lucero Álvarez, Francisco Rodríguez, Facundo Erpen (Manuel Pérez 68′), Heriberto Olvera (Carlos Morales 45′), Luis Advíncula, Eduardo Tercero, Gabriel Cortez, Pedro Aquino, Juan Carlos Medina (Irven Avila 57′), Amaury Escoto, Julián Quiñones.

Querétaro: Tiago Volpi, George Corral (Jaime Gómez 50′), Miguel Ángel Martínez, Diego Novaretti, Miguel Ángel Samudio, Hiram Mier, Javier Güemez, Luis Noriega (Aldo Arellano 67′), Armando Zamorano (Erbin Trejo 83′), Camilo Sanvezzo, Edson Puch.


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