León vs Necaxa – Jornada 4 Recap and Highlights

Necaxa earned their first win of the season in style with a 0-4 away win against León. The result brings León’s unbeaten start to the Clausura 2018 to an abrupt halt.

The visitors had the first chance of the game with a shot from Víctor Dávila in just the 7th minute, but William Yarbrough made the save. It took León until the 17th minute to find a notable chance of their own, with Elías Hernández forcing a save out of Marcelo Barovero.

Then, in the 43rd minute, the Rayos opened the scoring. Matías Fernández  sent them into halftime with a 0-1 lead after he scored direct from a free kick. The visitors added a second just after the restart, with Carlos González making it 0-2 in the 46th minute. León struggled to react after that, and Necaxa began to run up the score.

In the 53rd minute, Yarbrough made the initial save on Roberto Alvarado, but the rebound fell for González, who scored his second of the night to make it 0-3.

Dieter Villalpando put the cherry on top of the win for Necaxa with his 87th minute goal, with his shot from outside the box giving the Rayos a commanding 0-4 lead.

With the 0-4 win, Necaxa reaches four points while León still has seven.



León: William Yarbrough, Fernando Navarro, Juan Cornejo (Hernán Darío Burbano 46′), Andrés Mosquera, Juan Ignacio González, Elías Hernández, Luis Montes, Andrés Andrade, Alexander Mejía, José Rodríguez, Mauro Boselli.

Necaxa: Marcelo Barovero, Brayan Beckeles, Igor Lichnovsky, Miguel Ángel Ponce, Ventura Alvarado, Matías Fernández, Dieter Villalpando, Roberto Alvarado (Xavier Báez 72′), Víctor Dávila (Daniel Álvarez 69′), Fernando González (Martín Barragán 59′), Carlos González.

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