Querétaro vs Chivas de Guadalajara – Jornada 7 Recap and Highlights

Chivas de Guadalajara scored in stoppage time to snatch a 2-2 draw with Querétaro. The result snaps a three-game losing streak for El Rebaño, although they remain winless in four, while the Gallos Blancos are unbeaten in two.

Chivas came out attacking and Tiago Volpi was kept busy in goal to keep the visitors off the board. But it was the hosts who took the lead in the 18th minute. Edson Puch finished off a quick counterattack to give Querétaro the 1-0 lead.

Querétaro could only withstand Chivas’s pressure for so long, however, and just after halftime the visitors leveled the game. Alan Pulido sent his diagonal shot past Volpi to make it 1-1 in the 46th minute.

Pulido had several more good chances, including a one-on-one opportunity in the 66th minute, but Volpi denied him each time.

As the clock wound down, it looked like the game would finish 1-1. Then, in the 88th minute, Querétaro retook the lead. From a corner kick, Miguel Martínez headed the ball past Rodolfo Cota to make it 2-1 for the Gallos Blancos.

There was one more twist in the match, however, as Chivas found another equalizer in stoppage time. In the 92nd minute, Pulido scored his second of the night with a shot that took a slight deflection, making it 2-2 at the death.

With the 2-2 draw, Querétaro reaches 8 points while Chivas reaches 5.



Querétaro: Tiago Volpi, George Corral, Miguel Ángel Martínez, Diego Novaretti, Miguel Ángel Samudio, Hiram Mier, Javier Güemez, Joel Sánchez (Aldo Arellano 46′), Yerson Candelo (Luis Noriega 90′), Everaldo Stum, Edson Puch (Matías Britos 74′).

Chivas: Rodolfo Cota, Oswaldo Alanís, Jair Pereira, Edwin Hernández, Jesús Sánchez (Carlos Cisneros 81′), Orbelín Pineda, Javier López, Michael Pérez, Alan Pulido, Isaác Brizuela (Rodolfo Pizarro 59′), José Juan Macías (Ronaldo Cisneros 59′).


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