Puebla vs Veracruz – Jornada 4 Recap and Highlights

Puebla took the lead but couldn’t hold it as Veracruz came back for a 1-2 away win. The result gives the Tiburones Rojos their first victory of the Apertura, while the Poblanos have now lost two in a row.

Both teams went into this one looking for points – and looking to deny those points to a relegation rival. The game started off cagey, with neither team wanting to give the other an opportunity. Puebla found a dangerous chance early on via a free kick, however, with Christian Tabó hitting the crossbar.

That chance seemed to shock the game into life, as opportunities began appearing at both ends after it. Veracruz saw combination play between Joe Abrigo, Bryan Carrasco, and Diego Chávez look threatening, only for Vladimir Loroña to intervene with a timely tackle.

But despite a number of chances, it wasn’t until the second half that Puebla took the lead. In the 52nd minute, Tabó sent in a dangerous cross that the unfortunate José Rivas inadvertently deflected into his own net to make it 1-0 with an own-goal.

The Poblanos were unable to add to their lead, though, and as time wore on Veracruz began to threaten an equalizer. Finally, in the 82nd minute, Cristian Menéndez got his head to a free kick and beat Nicolás Vikonis to make it 1-1.

Before Puebla had time to process that goal, Menéndez had another. In the 83rd minute, “el Polaco” finished off a cross from Carlos Esquivel to make it 1-2 with another header.

Puebla was stunned by the quick turnaround, and despite pressing forward they were unable to find a second goal of their own in the final minutes.

With the 1-2 win, Veracruz reaches four points while Puebla still has three.



Puebla: Nicolás Vikonis, Brayan Angulo, Anderson Santamaría, Hugo Isaác Rodríguez, Vladimir Loroña, Alejandro Chumacero, Francisco Acuña (Daniel Arreola 45′), José Daniel Guerrero, José Francisco Torres (Pablo González 64′), Lucas Cavallini, Christian Tabó (Pedro Goulart 78′).

Veracruz: Édgar Melitón Hernández, Rodrigo Noya, Osmar Mares, José Rivas, Jesús Paganoni, Joe Abrigo (Luis Noriega 89′), Wilder Cartagena, José Ruiz, Diego Chávez (Adrián Luna 59′), Bryan Carrasco (Carlos Esquivel 78′), Cristian Menéndez.

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