Puebla vs Tijuana – Jornada 17 Recap and Highlights

Neither team could end their season on a high note as Puebla and Tijuana closed out their participation in the Apertura 2018 with a 0-0 draw. The result keeps the Poblanos winless in three, while the Xolos finish winless in six, but at least ended a four-game losing streak.

Puebla started the game off more aggressively as they looked for a final victory in front of their home fans, but they couldn’t create any truly dangerous opportunities. As the game wore on, the pace slowed down, and neither goalkeeper had much to do in the first half.

In the second half, Puebla made a pair of early changes but still couldn’t manage to break down Tijuana’s organized defense. Then, in the 56th minute, the hosts went down to 10 men. Christian Tabó took a shot at the top of the box, with his follow-through catching the defender studs-up on the thigh. After going to VAR, Tabó was red carded.

Tijuana wasn’t able to take advantage of their extra man, though, as they largely stayed in their defensive posture. In the end, neither team could break the deadlock.

With the 0-0 draw, Puebla reaches 20 points while Tijuana reaches 17.



Puebla: Nicolás Vikonis, Daniel Arreola (José Pallas 62′), Diego Cruz, Hugo Rodríguez, Vladimir Loroña, Alejandro Chumacero, Luis Robles (Jorge Espericueta 54′), Lucas Cavallini, Christian Tabó, Félix Micolta (Francisco Acuña 45′), Omar Fernández.

Tijuana: Manuel Gibrán Lajud, Julián Velázquez, Luis Fernando Fuentes, Juan Carlos Valenzuela, Omar Mendoza, José Rivero, Diego Rodríguez, Luis Chávez, Antonio Nava (Jesús Angulo 70′), Fabián Castillo (Daniel López 65′), Eryc Castillo (Juan Lucero 80′).

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