Querétaro vs Atlas – Jornada 1 Recap and Highlights

Querétaro took the lead but couldn’t hold it as Atlas came back for a 1-2 away win in their Clausura 2019 opener. The result ends a 17-game road winless streak for the Rojinegros that stretched back more than a calendar year.

The game started off without any great rhythm, with more fouls than goal-scoring chances. The Gallos Blancos did have one good early look in the 5th minute, with Camilo Sanvezzo sending a dangerous free kick into the mixer, but Atlas was able to clear their lines.

At the other end of the field, it took Atlas 25 minutes to find a notable chance of their own, but Jefferson Duque couldn’t put his header on target.

As the half wound down, it looked like the game would remain 0-0 at halftime. But in the 40th minute, Querétaro took the lead through Sanvezzo, with the captain heading home a cross from George Corral to make it 1-0.

But the lead lasted a bare minute before Atlas found the equalizer. In the 41st minute, Jesús Isijara tied the game 1-1 with a header of his own.

Then, shortly after the restart, the Rojinegros completed the comeback. Duque’s shot hit the post in the 49th minute, but the ball remained in play and Osvaldo Martínez made it 1-2 with his follow-up attempt.

Querétaro looked for a response but the ultimately proved unable to get past José Hernández a second time, leaving the Gallos to start their season with a home loss.

With the 1-2 win, Atlas reaches three points while Querétaro still has zero.



Querétaro: Gil Alcalá, George Corral (Jonathan Suárez 78′), Diego Novaretti, Miguel Ángel Samudio, Alexis Pérez, Javier Güemez, Jaime Gómez (Ake Loba 61′), Marcel Ruiz (Daniel Lajud 71′), Camilo Sanvezzo, Daniel Villalva, Matías Britos.

Atlas: José Hernández, Anderson Santamaría, Omar González, Irving Zurita, Édgar Zaldívar, Juan Pablo Vigón, Osvaldo Martínez (José Ávila 88′), Lorenzo Reyes, Hernán Darío Burbano (Ulises Cardona 81′), Jesús Isijara, Jefferson Duque (Ismael Govea 72′).


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