Santos Laguna vs Monarcas Morelia – Jornada 2 Recap and Highlights

Santos Laguna wrapped up the second week of the Clausura 2019 season with a 1-0 victory against Monarcas Morelia. The result gives the Laguneros their first win, while the michoacanos have now lost two in a row. 

The hosts started the game off with more possession, but Morelia was well-organized defensively and Santos couldn’t break them down, despite some early opportunities from Eduar Preciado and Emanuel Loeschbor.

It took about half an hour for Morelia to find a notable chance of their own, when Edison Flores played in Miguel Ángel Sansores, but Hugo Nervo made the defensive play. A free kick later gave the visitors another good chance, but Carlos Fierro couldn’t get his head to the service from Ray Sandoval.

At the other end, Marcelo Correa had a pair of chances for Santos, one from a counterattack and one from a corner kick, but he wasn’t able to break the deadlock.

In the second half, the hosts’ persistence paid off in the 59th minute, when Julio César Furch found some space and sent his low shot from outside the box past Sebastián Sosa to make it 1-0 for Santos.

Morelia immediately began looking for an equalizer, and in the 62nd minute Alberto Acosta got a shot away, but he couldn’t get enough power behind it and Jonathan Orozco easily made the save.

The visitors continued to press as Santos sat back to defend the lead, but in the end the hosts were able to manage the game and hold on to the result.

With the 1-0 win, Santos reaches three points while Morelia still has zero.



Santos: Jonathan Orozco, José Javier Abella, Jesús Angulo (Gerardo Arteaga 45′), Hugo Nervo, Matheus Doria, Brayan Garnica (Brian Lozano 59′), Diego Valdés, José Juan Vázquez, Julio César Furch, Eduar Preciado (Carlos Orrantia 77′), Marcelo Correa.

Morelia: Sebastián Sosa, Sebastián Vegas, Emanuel Loeschbor, Alberto Acosta, Gabriel Achilier, Carlos Fierro (Rodolfo Vilchis 55′), Edison Flores, Ray Sandoval (Gastón Lezcano 76′), Rodrigo Millar (Carlos Ferreira 69′), Aldo Rocha, Miguel Ángel Sansores.


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