Veracruz Suffers Six-Point Deduction for Unpaid Debts

Veracruz’s horrific Clausura 2019 season took another turn for the worse on Monday, when FIFA ordered a six-point deduction for the club. Veracruz has an outstanding debt of $224,550 to Uruguayan club Montevideo Wanderers for the rights to Matías Santos, who joined Veracruz in August 2017.

The young midfielder barely featured for the club, accumulating 180 minutes for the U-20 team and 90 minutes in the Copa MX; he was on the bench for two Liga MX games, but did not play. He left Veracruz for Deportivo Pasto July 2018.

The point deduction leaves Veracruz with, technically, -2 points in the Clausura 2019, as they had only accumulated four points through their first 14 games. The league table, however, is showing them with 0 points; should Veracruz earn any more points this season, those last two will likely be removed. The Tabla de Cociente, which controls relegation and totals up a club’s points over the past six seasons, did reflect the full deduction, dropping the Tiburones Rojos from 79 points to 73.

The league made a point of noting that the point deduction does not exempt Veracruz from meeting their financial obligation to Montevideo Wanderers.


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