Tijuana vs León – Quarterfinal Recap and Highlights

León took a comfortable lead in the first leg of this quarterfinal series with a 1-3 away win against Tijuana.

The game started off fairly evenly, with León looking somewhat stronger but neither team taking firm control. Then, in the 31st minute, the visitors took the lead. William Tesillo took the ball upfield and played José Juan Macías into the box, where he turned and beat Manuel Gibrán Lajud to make it 0-1.

Tijuana looked for a response and they found it moments after the second half began. In the 46th minute, Ariel Nahuelpán found an unmarked Gustavo Bou in the box, and he put his shot away to make it 1-1.

But the equalizer energized León rather than Tijuana, and they retook the lead just past the hour mark. In the 64th minute, León had a corner kick that Andrés Mosquera headed into the mixer; the unfortunate Diego Braghieri tried to clear it, but only sent it into his own net as he made it 1-2 for the visitors with his own-goal.

Then, five minutes after than, Rubens Sambueza put an exclamation point on the win with a golazo from outside the box to make it 1-3.

With the 1-3 win, León will advance to the semifinals with a win, a draw, a one-goal loss, or a two-goal loss if Tijuana scores three or fewer goals (ex: 2-0, 3-1). The Xolos need to win by three or win by two while scoring four or more goals (ex: 4-2, 5-3) in order to advance.


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