New Copa MX Format for 2019-2020

The Copa MX is undergoing another makeover. Following Liga MX’s Regular Assembly in Toluca, it was announced that the cup competition will now run for the entire 2019-2020 season, rather than being split into an Apertura and Clausura edition.

The group stage will feature a total of 27 teams – 15 teams from Liga MX and 12 from Ascenso MX – divided into nine groups of three. The group stage will take place in the Apertura 2019 season, starting on July 30th; the knockout rounds will begin in the Clausura 2020 season, beginning on January 21st.

Sixteen teams will advance to the knockout rounds – the nine group winners and the seven best runners-up – which will consist of home-and-away series; if the aggregate score is tied, the winner will be determined by penalties. Away goals will not be tiebreakers, and no extra time will be played – the series will go straight to a shootout.

The new format seems incompatible with the continuation of the SuperCopa MX, which had pitted the winners of the prior Apertura and Clausura cups against each other, but no announcement has yet been made regarding the discontinuation or reconfiguring of that competition.

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