Sanctions Handed Out for San Luis/Querétaro Violence

The Disciplinary Committee has handed out sanctions to both Atlético San Luis and Querétaro for the brawl between their supporters that led to the abandonment of the Jornada 14 game between the clubs.

San Luis, who hosted the game, was given a two-game stadium ban for the Estadio Alfonso Lastras. A stadium ban leaves teams with two options: either to find an alternate venue for the game, or to play in the sanctioned stadium behind closed doors, with no fans admitted. In a press release, San Luis stated that out of respect for the spirit of the sanction, they will play behind closed doors and fans will be reimbursed for previously purchased tickets.

In addition, both San Luis and Querétaro are prohibited from allowing their supporters’ groups access to their respective home games for the remainder of the season; furthermore, the clubs are not to provide any assistance to supporters’ groups wishing to attend away games, via ticket sales, subsidized transportation, or any other means. Those sanctions apply to both Liga MX and Copa MX games and include the playoffs of both competitions should either team advance that far.

Finally, both clubs were fined 504,000 pesos, the equivalent of roughly $26,372 U.S.

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